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Waxing is a safe method of hair removal that removes hair from the root and offers the additional cosmetic benefit of removing dead skin cells for smoother, rejuvenated skin. The experienced team at MediSpa At Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers waxing using hard wax that adheres to hair, and not the skin, for both men and women. Call the practice to book an appointment or schedule with the online booking tool.

Waxing Q & A

What is waxing?

Waxing is the process of removing hair from your body at the root using wax. Wax is a sticky substance that works like glue on body hair. As you pull the wax off your skin, it pulls the hair from the follicle. 

Shaving removes hair from the surface of the skin, leaving the follicle underneath to regrow quicker than when you remove the hair with the follicle. Waxing also removes dead skin cells, giving you softer skin than shaving.

Does hair grow in lighter after waxing?

With a consistent waxing schedule, your hair will grow in softer, lighter, and thinner. The longer you wax, the less hair will regrow.

What’s the difference in waxing for men and women?

Both men and women can remove unwanted body hair through waxing. The primary difference in waxing men and women is that men tend to have more body hair than women and the hair they have is often thicker. As a result, it can take longer to wax hair for men, and wax for sensitive skin should be used to limit rashes and discomfort.

What are the most common waxing treatments for men?

Men most commonly have chest hair, back hair, arm hair, and ear hair removed with waxing. Some men also receive a male bikini or Brazilian wax (the bikini line).

What body hair can women remove with waxing?

Women can have most body hair removed with waxing, including:

  • Underarm hair
  • Upper lip hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Chin hair
  • Leg hair
  • Bikini line
  • Brazilian 
  • Back hair
  • Chest hair
  • Arm hair

Hair waxing results last somewhere between three and six weeks, depending on your hair regrowth rate.

How often can I get waxing?

Most people schedule waxing appointments every three to eight weeks. Your hair must be at least a quarter-inch long before it can be removed with waxing. 

After your first waxing, you might see hair regrowth in just a few days as there could be hair that wasn’t long enough for wax to grasp and remove at the initial appointment. 

Facial hair and underarm hair regrow faster than your leg hair and bikini area, so you may need more frequent waxing for those areas.

To get unwanted hair removed through waxing, call the MediSpa At Choto or use the convenient online tool to book an appointment today.

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Waxing Packages Available

Waxing packages available at discounted rates. Please ask for details.