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Hydrogen Facial: What is it & what does it do for my skin?

Hydrogen facial + Microderm & Oxygen Infusion has many benefits to it. It is the perfect service for someone who has congested pores and blackheads. This blog explains how the service works, to help you decide if it is the right service for you!

It begins with a double cleanse, using a face wash picked for the client’s specific skin needs. After the double cleanse, a tip like a standard microderm tip is used on the whole face. The difference between the hydra-microderm tip and a standard microderm tip is that along with the exfoliating end, it has a surrounding border that infuses a salicylic wash into the pores as its exfoliating. Not only does this give your pores a deeper cleanse, but also makes the hydra-microderm safer for more skin types. By using the wash as a medium between the exfoliant tip and the skin, it makes the service gentler and prevents micro cuts in the skin that can be caused from standard microderming. Several different tips may be used during this step to fit different contours of the face.

Once that step has been completed, the esthetician will change the tip to an extraction tip. During this, the service will be focused on problem areas, as opposed to the previous step which covers the whole face. Most commonly, this step is done around the nose and chin. However, it can be done anywhere the client is having issues with clogged pores. Everything extracted is suctioned into a clear jar, and the client is welcome to see how much was cleansed from the skin if they would like.

After this, an oxygen airbrush is used to infuse peptides and a brightening serum into the skin. The esthetician will perform a mixture of airbrushing and massaging the solution into the skin. A moisturizing serum is then applied, topped with sunscreen.

It is common to have mild redness after the treatment, but it should not last long. This is an exfoliating service, so it is not recommended to be paired with other exfoliating services (such as dermaplaning). It is important to wear sunscreen on the days following the treatment.

Overall, it is our most recommended service for treating clients with black heads and congestion in the skin. As always, if you have more questions about this service or still are not sure if it is right for you, please give us a call to schedule a free skin consultation with our esthetician.  

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