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Benefits of Massage Therapy During Times of Stress

Let's begin by stating that as human beings, we need physical touch.  It releases happy endorphins that make us feel part of something bigger and nurtures our soul.

Here at Medi Spa at Choto, our Licensed Massage Therapist will make sure to taylor the massage to fit your exact needs.  If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, we can release overall tension and give you a feeling of restfulness and wellness.

Massage therapy in times of stress is beneficial since it allows your body to release serotonin and increase blood flow and oxidation rate.  Massage therapy has been proven to have therapeutic relaxation effects. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and  High Blood pressure has been shown to be significantly reduced with regular massage therapy. (Evid Based Complement Alternative Medicine v. 2013).

If you live in the Farragutn, TN - Lenoir City, TN - or Knoxville, TN area, you can call us or book online your massage.  We are conveniently located in the new Choto Markets area.  865-218-9000 or go to or Facebook @medispachotomarkets.

Medi Spa At Choto 1606 Choto Markets Way Knoxville, TN 37922 865-218-9000

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