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Weight Loss Management Program

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Weight Loss Management Program


Medi Spa at Choto's 12 Week Weight Loss Program is one of a kind. This program is Medically supervised and Pharmaceutically driven by including appetite suppressant products and medications that will accelerate your weight loss and help you build lean muscle. This proven protocol may also boost metabolism and help patients lose large amounts of fat, all without feeling hungry. You will also benefit from a weight loss coach every step of the way with weekly meetings and weigh-ins. You will be guided through your journey and assisted in making better choices, and lifestyle changes.


  • Olympia’s 12-week weight loss program: Price $900/3 months 
    • Includes Rx Sermorelin (Sermorelin therapy benefits include Increase in muscle mass development after exercise, faster recovery from strenuous exercise, increased energy and endurance, better strength, and joint and muscle pain relief for patients with arthritis and chronic pain).
    • Naltrexone: it can assist in normalizing a person's metabolism, and matching appetite to resting energy spending. Reduce insulin resistance: Naltrexone regulates cellular resistance to insulin, which can lead to weight loss). ◦ Lipo trim spray/injections: are a fat burning appetite suppressant spray or injection that increases energy and metabolism and aids in weight loss.
    • Coaching with our certified Weight Loss Coach
  • Semaglutide BPC 157/ B6 Injections: Price $250/month and up
    • Consult with the provider for a medical assessment and eligibility.
    • Weekly sub cutaneous injections that suppress appetite, increase body’s ability to burn stubborn fat, increases satiety (keeps you fuller). If you’re looking to accelerate your fat loss and make more progress on your weight loss journey, Semaglutide + BPC-157 Peptide Therapy are also produced naturally in the body, for weight loss or fitness goals are effective to use to help improve your overall results and support your journey. Semaglutide and BPC-157 are separate peptides that offer better results when they are combined. 
    • Includes monthly meetings with our provider and certified weight loss coach.
  • Metabolic Longevity Metabolic Testing: Click on this link for more information -
    • Includes 3 months of Rx Nutrition, Rx Fitness coaching, and bi-monthly meetings.
    • Price $500/3 months

Please go to our BLOG to read more about how this program works.