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Whether you have a cold, chronic fatigue syndrome, or simply want to benefit from improved absorption of vitamins and minerals, IV therapy is a growing medical trend. The experienced team at MediSpa At Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers a variety of IV cocktail treatments, as well as pure oxygen infusion during treatments, all in the office. Call to learn more about the benefits of IV therapy or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment

IV Therapy Q & A

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy delivers hydrating fluids or vitamins directly into your veins. IV vitamin therapy may include vitamin C, magnesium, B12, calcium, glutathione, and other antioxidants. IV therapy sessions take one hour and you can continue with your regular daily activities immediately upon completion.


What conditions can IV therapy help with?

Some people seek IV therapy when they’re coming down with a cold or flu. IV therapy can also improve symptoms associated with:

  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Hangover
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Respiratory infections
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pain


You can make regular IV therapy part of your wellness routine to ensure your body receives the vitamins and minerals it requires to function optimally.


What types of IV therapy are available?

The type of IV therapy chosen depends on your health goals or desired results. MediSpa At Choto offers the following IV therapies:

Myers’ cocktail

In addition to providing quick rehydration after running a marathon or curing a hangover, the Myers’ cocktail treats asthma, migraines, fatigue, pain, allergies, and sinus and respiratory tract infections. Some people also successfully improved angina and hyperthyroidism with IV vitamin infusions.

Weight-loss cocktail

Combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, IV therapy can help accelerate your metabolism with a unique blend of minerals, vitamins, and lipotropics to help your body break down fat and burn calories faster. In addition to boosting your metabolism, a weight-loss cocktail through IV therapy helps your body detoxify and remove heavy metals, which cause cell damage and contribute to a slower metabolism. 

Cell-regeneration cocktail

Stem cells are a major source of interest in regenerative medicine as they can become any type of cell in your body. Stem cells promote new, healthy tissue growth and repair damaged cells. Cell-regeneration cocktail IV therapy can benefit you if you have chronic or degenerative diseases or chronic pain.

Immunity cocktail

Having a cold, flu, or other illness puts extra demands on your body, and your body requires more vitamins and nutrients than usual to heal. You can boost your antioxidants and accelerate recovery through an immunity cocktail IV therapy solution that delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream.

***call us for a list of "cocktail ingredients" ***

All IV's include oxygen infusion

To learn more about IV therapy and see if you could benefit from the treatment, call MediSpa At Choto or schedule an appointment online today.

ALL IV's are $135 or $115 with yearly membership

B12 Injection

$15/ syringe

Amino Power Injection


Inner Beauty + Oxygen Infusion

$135 or $115 with membership

Slim Down + Oxygen Infusion

$135 or $115 with membership

Glutathione Cell Regeneration


Immunity Boost IV + Oxygen Infusion

$135 or $115 with membership

Myers Cocktail IV + Oxygen Infusion

$135 or $115 with membership