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Medi Spa at Choto

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Need to look amazing for a special event? Want to experience cosmetic services from educated and experienced aestheticians to look and feel your best? Tthe team at MediSpa At Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers a variety of cosmetic services, from lash extensions to sunless tanning to professionally applied makeup, to increase your self-confidence. Make an appointment online or call today.

Cosmetic Services Q & A

What are cosmetic services?

Cosmetic services describe an extensive list of noninvasive aesthetic procedures that help you look and feel your best without an incision. Your skin, hair, and body are refreshed with little to no downtime needed.

How can cosmetic services help me look my best?

The experienced aestheticians at MediSpa At Choto offer a wide range of cosmetic services to help you feel good in your skin without invasive cosmetic surgery, including:

Special event makeup application

Get ready for a wedding, the prom, or just a night on the town with professionally applied makeup. If you’re in need of a new look, try a cosmetic makeover.

Lash extensions

The licensed technicians at MediSpa At Choto apply fake lashes one by one to create a dramatic, natural look. Lash extensions last as long as the full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes, which is usually between six and eight weeks. You may need a touchup or maintenance application every three to four weeks.

Sunless or airbrush tanning

To give yourself the look of suntanned skin without the harmful effects of the sun, visit MediSpa At Choto for sunless or airbrush tanning. A sunless tanner contains an ingredient that reacts with the surface layer of your skin, turning it a brown or tan color, just like a suntan.  Sunless tanning lasts until your skin cells shed during your body’s normal exfoliation cycle. Airbrush tanning is similar to sunless tanning, except the technician applies it to your skin with a compressor and airbrush.

How can I remove unwanted body hair without shaving?

Removing unwanted body hair can feel like a chore. Shaving must be done almost daily and can cause unsightly razor burn. Waxing for men and women removes hair from the follicle, eliminating razor burn, making your skin softer, and causing the hair to grow back thinner and less frequently over time.

Improving your appearance doesn’t have to come from invasive surgery or major changes. The compassionate and talented aesthetic team at MediSpa At Choto can give your appearance a boost for your daily routine or a special occasion through a variety of noninvasive techniques. 

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Makeover / Makeup Application


Lash Extensions

$180 and fillins starting at $75

Lash or Brow Tinting

$20 ea or $35 both

Sunless Tanning / Airbrush Sculpting

$45 (packages available)