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Yes, You Can Remove Hair There

Yes, You Can Remove Hair There

Are you bothered by unwanted hair? Many people find themselves shaving, plucking, and tweezing hair in areas where hair is quite unwelcome — above the lip, eyebrows, or more intimate areas. 

Waxing can be a great solution for ridding yourself of unwanted hair. It’s safe, effective, and lasts for weeks. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. 

At Medi Spa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, our expert aestheticians offer a number of waxing options. Waxing gives you longer-lasting and silkier skin than shaving because wax removes the hair at the follicles and removes dead skin cells. 

Shaving merely removes hair from the skin’s surface, so the hair grows back much more quickly. 

Here are a few popular waxing options. 

Full face waxing 

Some women choose full face waxing, eliminating unwanted hair above the lip, nose, chin, and sideburns. It’s a complete treatment that leaves your face smooth and hair-free. 

If you’d rather opt for just cleaner eyebrows or along your jawline, that’s available, too. Full face waxing smooths your skin, and because it removes dead skin cells, your complexion may look brighter and a little younger. 

Unwanted back or arm hair 

Many men want to rid themselves of back or arm hair. Some also opt for chest hair removal and bikini or Brazilian waxes. Our expert team can ensure your body is free of unwanted hair. 

Brazilian and bikini waxes 

What’s the difference? It depends on how much hair you want removed from your intimate region. A bikini wax removes the hair that might poke out at the sides of your swimsuit or underwear. Your aesthetician usually applies wax at the top of your bikini line and along the sides. 

A Brazilian is all of that and more. If you want to be completely hairless down there, then it’s a Brazilian wax for you. 

Leg waxes 

There’s a real appeal to having smooth, sexy legs all summer long. With leg waxing, you can say goodbye to the razor and enjoy shorts weather without worrying about knee stubble. 

How long does waxing last? 

It depends on the area of your body, how thick your hair is, and how fast your hair grows. 

For example, facial and underarm hair grows faster than leg and bikini area hair. For that reason, you’ll want to schedule more frequent waxing appointments. Then, some people’s hair grows faster than others. 

For a general idea, waxing every 3-6 weeks ensures your body stays smooth. With a regular schedule, your hair’s growth cycle eventually thins on its own, so you may be able to space out appointments.

Your aesthetician can recommend the best options for you. 

If you’d like to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin, Medi Spa at Choto serves Knoxville and Farragut, Tennessee. Call or book your appointment online here on our website. 

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