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VOTIVA~feminine rejuvenation, feminine health, feminine wellness

How it works

How would you like to reduce urinary incontinence, be able to run or do jumping jacks again without having to rush to the bathroom?  Or even better, how about sneezing and having to run to the bathroom to take care of leakage?  These are all issues a lot of women are having.  If you have had children (or not) you may be a great candidate for this new and revolutionary laser for feminine health.  If you just want stronger orgasms and a tighter vaginal canal, you are also a great candidate for VOTIVA. 
Through the innovative EmpowerRF system, our MediSpa can provide customized treatments, including electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles, treat stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence, and remodel skin and fat. Under our doctor's supervision, you can achieve life-changing, long-lasting results with safety and efficacy.
Votiva is our newest addition to an array of services for feminine health and wellness.  
This service is about 20 minutes long and is done 3 times about one month apart.  It is painless but extremely effective.  The PA will do the initial consult and then the procedure.  You will be comfortable and relaxed on the exam table while the procedure takes place.  It consists of a wand with ultrasound gel to help conduct the radio frequency.  As the treatment is being done you will feel warmth friction and results are immediate.  When used on the labia area, you can see instantaneous results such as smoothing and a decrease in size.  There is no after protocol, except you may feel a little cramping the next day (like period cramps) and we recommend you abstain from sex for 2 days to allow proper healing.
For more information on this laser click on the link below:
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