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Men Can Benefit From HRT, Too

Men Can Benefit From HRT, Too

Most people think of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a treatment for women who are dealing with menopause symptoms. However, men can also experience hormone imbalances that lead to muscle loss, hair loss, depression, and erectile dysfunction. 

Many men ignore their health, but doing so can be risky. In some cases, men develop low testosterone levels due to male hypogonadism. This condition obstructs the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone because there’s a problem with the testicles. 

In other cases, men can develop kidney stones, prostate or bladder cancer, or other health issues.

 At Medi Spa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, HRT is among our men’s health concerns treatments

Three benefits of HRT for men 

It’s no secret men’s hormonal balances shift as they get older. After age 30, men tend to lose 1-2% of testosterone each year, affecting energy levels, mood, sex drive, and muscle loss. 

Replenishing this hormone may improve mood, boost stamina, and preserve muscle. HRT for men can:  

1. Reduce fatigue 

Testosterone promotes the production of red blood cells and improves oxygen flow throughout your body. You can expect to feel more energetic by enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. You may feel more motivated to walk or participate in healthy activities boosting your oxygen flow. 

2. Improve muscle tone and strength

Testosterone stimulates muscle growth and strength by encouraging new protein production. This helps grow muscle fibers while reducing muscle breakdown. Additionally, HRT can preserve your existing muscle and improve bone density. 

3. Improve sexual function 

While occasional impotence is nothing to worry about, frequent erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing and strain relationships. HRT can improve blood flow through your body so you can get and maintain an erection and enjoy a renewed libido. 

Potential HRT side effects 

HRT therapy does not replace exercise or other healthy ways to build muscle mass and boost energy. It can help men with low testosterone levels due to a medical condition. 

As with every treatment, there are potential risks with HRT for men. It’s possible it can reduce your sperm count, worsen existing sleep apnea, or increase your risk of a blood clot due to an overproduction of red blood cells. An evaluation is required. 

What to expect from HRT for men

Lab work gives our team the information they need to evaluate your hormone levels and see if you suffer from low testosterone. If so, we will discuss your medical history and determine if you’re a good candidate for HRT. 

We administer testosterone replacement therapy weekly via an injection into a muscle. Most men start noticing some differences within a few weeks and other improvements, such as enhanced muscle mass or fat loss, in a few months. 

The team at Medi Spa at Choto in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers men’s health treatments like HRT for men and other stamina-boosting therapies. You can make an appointment by calling or using our online booking tool to determine if HRT therapy is right for you.

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