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Simply put, Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation where a sterile scalpel is used to scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz).  It may sound a little intimidating, but it is actually very relaxing.  At our medspa we use SkinCeuticals brand scalples to ensure that you're receiving a pharmaceutical grade product and treatment.  We recommend you come with no make up on, but we can remove it if necessary.  The service takes about 30-45 minutes and it is safe for all skin types.  


"My hair will grow back thicker and darker!" No...dermaplaning will not change the structure of your hair follicle. Hair does grow back but the same as before.

"It may be painful!"... Dermaplaning is the least painful method of hair removal that you can do.  It is actually a relaxing procedure-you may actually cat nap during it :)

"My face will break out!"... Actually the opposite happens.  By removing the top layer of dead skin cells,  you're helping to increase skin cell turn over and keep your skin looking bright and healthy.  Your products will penetrate deeper into your skin, making them last longer and work better.

We're happy to answer any other questions you may have on dermaplaing.  We always encourange clients to do research before coming in, but to be conscious where your information is coming from.  When in doubt just call and we will be happy to talk through any of your qeustions or concerns.


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